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Thank you so much Debra for everything it was a pleasure learning to drive with you.

Debra is a very patient and calm instructor and always on time.She is very easy to get along with and was very helpful with any questions that I had. After every lesson I felt I had always achieved something and was never left to feel like I couldn't do something, we practised mock tests to help prepare me for my practical driving test which was very helpful. The day before my practical test Debra dropped off a DVD and a book to help me prepare for my test which was very helpful, I was so happy to pass with no minors! I would be happy to recommend Debra to anyone. Thank you again so much I couldn't of done it without you. Natalie x
– Natalie, November 2012

I would like to say a huge thankyou to debra for getting both my children through their car test on the first attempt .Her encouragement, expert tuition and patience throughout the lessons was none . i wouldnt hesitate to highley reccomend to anyone wishing to learn to drive.
Julie Halhead March 2013

Put simply, Debra is a brilliant driving instructor! She is always calm and patient, it's been a pleasure learning with her.

On the run up to my test, Debra provided me with DVD's and books to prepare me for the test and I'm delighted to say that I passed first time! In addition to the excellent tuition, Debra is great to talk to and have a laugh with! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!

Many, many thanks Debra! I'm looking forward to the pass plus with you!

– Marcus Hobson, October 2012

Debra is a fantastic driving instructor and enabled me to pass my driving test first time!

She manages to make the potentially daunting task of driving lessons a walk in the park, I found that she was so easy to talk to that driving lessons seem to fly by with relative ease. She is a massively calming influence and helps to iron out any issues that arise such that one can then tackle them with confidence. I look forward to completing my pass plus with Debra and would happily recommend her to anyone looking to start driving lessons.

– Flora Bowring, 6 September 2012

Thank you so much Debra, you have really been a great driving instructor and given me lots of confidence in myself.

Thank you for all the encouragement, and its only with your expert tuition that I passed first time. Thanks a lot.

– Emily Cragg, 22 May 2012

Just want to thank you for all your help and patience while teaching me to drive.

Excellent instructor, will recommend to friends and family. Many thanks DLO

– Dlovan Farhad December 2011

I just wanted to say a humongous thankyou for teaching me to drive and helping me get through my test even though I was a nervous wreck!

I can't even begin to express how utterly grateful I am! Driving lessons with you are always so much fun and I will really miss them... The Registration Plate does not lie!

– Harriet October 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have enjoyed every single lesson I have had with Debra! I would recommend her to anyone! It is really scary starting with a new instructor and I felt completely at ease from the moment I sat in the car! Finally, THANKS ! I would not have passed without you!

– Sam August 2011

Thankyou so much for your patience, and your encouragement!

Couldn't have done this without you! You're a brilliant teacher and I'll be recommending you to everyone!

– Heather March 2011

Learning to drive with Debra has been great fun.

My 2 older brothers have both learnt to drive with her, and are very competent drivers. I heard very high recommendations before starting to learn and was not let down. Debra is a fantastic instructor, and not only did she teach me to drive but I had a great time with her. We had some lovely chats, and I always felt very relaxed. I would definitely recommend Debra to anyone learning to drive, as you will feel confident and relaxed when driving, and will have fun whilst you are at it.

– Kirsty Abraham

Learning to drive with Debra was an absolute pleasure.

She was a great teacher and so easy to get along with. Our lessons were very informative but always fun, there was never a dull moment in the car. All thanks to Debra I got through my test with not one minor on the page, this is such a great achievement for me but I would never have done it without the support off Debra. I loved my lessons and felt so comfortable with Debra. She made learning to drive a great experience . I would recommend Debra to absolutely anyone who wanted a patient and dedicated driving instructor. I think at this point I have only one thing left to say and that is a huge thank you to Debra.

– Abbie Bassinder

I really enjoyed learning with Debra, she was very patient and helpful.

When I went to Debra I had already completed my theory test so just needed to complete the practical test. She teaches you to drive rather th an just get you through the practical test. I had a mock test 2 weeks before my actual test and was happy with how realistic it was even with the independent driving which hadn't been used at the time. I would definitely recommend using Debra as a driving instructor especially since i passed first time with no minors!

– Nick Barnes, October 2010

Learning to drive was fun with Debra because she is funny and patient.

It wasn't just the practical test, but the theory test also that Debra helped me with by lending me books and DVD's. A couple of weeks before the test we did a mock test which helped me to understand what was expected of me in the test and what the examiner was looking for. I am glad I learnt with Debra because I passed first time, after just 7 weeks learning. Although Debra isn't the cheapest instructor she is certainly the best and value for money. I am also booked in to do my pass plus with Debra, I hope it is as fun as learning to drive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debra to anyone wanting to learn, many thanks.

– David Preston, August 2010

I passed my test on my first attempt with Debra

After having driving lessons on and off for 10 years, and having been through 7 different instructors, I was convinced I was destined to never be able to drive. I was an absolute nervous wreck when it came to driving, and had decided that Debra was my last hope! She was exactly what I needed. Debra helped me build me confidence up before we started driving around busier areas, and was always encouraging rather than critical. After a few lessons I knew that if anyone was going to get me through my test, it was going to be Debra.

I passed my test on my first attempt with Debra (having failed 2 years previously with a different instructor) and I honestly do not think anyone else could have got me through it. Before I started lessons with Debra I used to have nightmares about driving, but after meeting her I started looking forward to my lessons, and even enjoying them! Debra is a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her to anyone. If she can teach me how to drive, she can teach anyone!

– Abbey, August 2010

Debra is a patient, helpful and has a great sense of humour.

Debra taught me and my two older sisters. Both my sisters loved learning to drive and when I started I loved it too. She doesn't just teach you to pass your test but how to drive properly. I would recommend Debra to anyone. My sisters and I passed our driving tests first time and our younger brother will be learning with her when he turns 17. Debra is a great instructor and I thoroughly recommend her.

– Vicky Whitehouse, Lancaster, May 2010

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“I would be happy to recommend Debra to anyone.”

I would like to say a huge thank you to Debra for all of her help and support with helping me learn to drive. Debra is a very down to earth instructor who always puts your needs first. She is always on time and each of her lessons have depth and specified learning outcomes to allow you to learn more effectively. In three words Debra is Knowledgeable, Reliable and a friendly instructor. I thoroughly recommend Debra to anyone learning to drive! Thank you again!

-Josh Phillpotts July 2013

 Hi Debra, Thank you for the card!! It was most unexpected and a welcome surprise. Here's my testimonial (but feel free to add in anything you'd like to put in, I don't think you can be recommended too highly!): Debra is the perfect driving instructor. Having had other instructors I thought patience, punctuality, and attentiveness would be the same across the board; i couldn't have been more wrong. Debra's calm and encouraging manner means that you learn in a friendly environment, whilst being aware of all of the hazards. Debra teaches you to drive for real life situations, not just so you can pass your test. It's no wonder then that in 2013 her pass rate is the best in the area! Hope that's ok. I've got one more lesson then I will have finished pass plus - now I just need to persuade my parents to put me on the insurance for a month! Thanks again,
-Alasdair July 2013
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